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Feel free to borrow any code you like on this site for modification and use on your site. For support implementing just leave a comment for Cd&. You will also find Cd& providing answers and solutions on Experts-Exchange, HTML Forums, and other help sites where support is available. If there is a snippet you need for your web site, send a request to Cd&, and it might end up being made available on the site.

If use code from coboldinosaur.com a link would be appreciated.

If you have code on your site that might help other developers, you could add a Borrow button and join the movement to make good open source code easily accessible to all developers.

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The best way to reduce cross-browser and cross-device presentation problems is high quality CSS. These best practices are the basis of the kind of sta...

Using the Datalist Tag to Implement a Combobox
One of the commonly used elements in forms is the select. It is a quick and easy way to give the user a list of options. However it has two limitation...

Is It a Lie or a Valid Stat
How often have you been in a design meeting and heard something like "We should using productX for this project because it is used by 80% of sites and...

Gradients Without Images
One of the sweetest properties in CSS is the gradient. Unfortunately up until recently is has been the subject of one of the most screwed up implement...

Using Shadows Instead of Borders
One of the effects commonly used effects on hover, on buttons, and for menus built with lists is a change in the border. A simple change of color is n...

CSS Background Image Properties for Enhanced Presentations
With CSS3 developers now have enhanced capabilities for presenting stunning background images with control and dynamic capabilities that can turn any ...

Simple htaccess Directives
An important part of managing an apache based server is the use of directives in the .htaccess files. An .htaccess file in a sub-directory will overri...


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TITLE: Top 10 Stupid Mistakes by Web Developers

Each of the items here could be a standalone ten page article, but I am not trying to do a series of tutorial. If you disagree with my suggestions, then just continue to do stupid things and I will probably see you out on one of the tech help sites whining about something not working and begging somone to fix it for you.

Lots of traffic and not many sales? Users don't like the crap you are trying to feed them.

If you are not prepared to fix everything then you should consider a different occupation because lazy and sloppy web development is just going to produce poorly performing sites; unhappy clients; and a reputation as a junk code merchant.

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