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Feel free to borrow any code you like on this site for modification and use on your site. For support implementing just leave a comment for Cd&. You will also find Cd& providing answers and solutions on codingforums, Experts-Exchange, and other help sites where support is available. If there is a snippet you need for your web site, send a request to Cd&, and it might end up being made available on the site.

If you use code from coboldinosaur.com a link would be appreciated.

If you have code on your site that might help other developers, you could add a Borrow button and join the movement to make good open source code easily accessible to all developers.

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TITLE: Opening the Door to Malware

A large majority of computer users are clueless, which is why so many computers are infected with malware. Jquery is one of the vectors for attacks that deliver malware to the innocent who think that they have nothing to fear from the sites with the cool exploding planets effects in a canvas; or the cool slide show of kittens photos.

If you just stick junk on your pages for cool effects without taking security precautions then you are exposing your visitors to potential danger...

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