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Feel free to borrow any code you like on this site for modification and use on your site. For support implementing just leave a comment for Cd&. You will also find Cd& providing answers and solutions on codingforums, Experts-Exchange, and other help sites where support is available. If there is a snippet you need for your web site, send a request to Cd&, and it might end up being made available on the site.

If you use code from coboldinosaur.com a link would be appreciated.

If you have code on your site that might help other developers, you could add a Borrow button and join the movement to make good open source code easily accessible to all developers.

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Round Slide Show Borders
When a round element with an iris effect is used for a slide show, it is possible to do some presentation variation by playing with the border style. ...

HTML5 Fork
Is the spinoff of WHATWG from W3C on HTML standards a benefir or nightmare for web developers?...

Modern Web Development for Forms
The form is one of the most critical components for a web site. Whether it is a simple contact form, a sales and payment transaction, or a detailed su...

Review of Search Engines
This not about SEO. It is about user experience when they are searching the web. I will only say one thing about SEO. From what I have seen and experi...

How to Get What You Need From Q/A Sites
Every web developer has those days when they run into a problem that has no apparent solution and every attempted solution fails. So they have to look...

Creating RSS Feeds For Your Web Site
All web site operators are looking for low cost ways to increase site traffic. So how about a cost of ZERO? A simple no cost way to gain traffic is to...

Controlling Bloat on Web Pages
The best sites on the internet have pages that are lean and fast. As you move down the scale you see a common problem; BLOAT. Putting a lot of garbage...

Hiding the File Extension for Generated Pages
This is quick and simple. You are using php to generate, your pages, but you do not want the URL of the pages being sent to the client to use...


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TITLE: Return to Experts-Exchange Update

Now the bad dream has ended. Done! No more COBOLdinosaur at EE. Too many assholes who have to pay EE because no one will tolerate their bullshit on free sites. There is a point where abuse of Experts needs to be dealt with and neither TPTB nor the badgers care how the paid customers act as long as they keep paying every month.

On top of that EE marketing presents Experts like whores and you have to pay to get past the paywall and watch them wiggle their asses answering questions. Plus there is the utter stupidity of deciding they don't need topics because they have found a better way to screw up navigation even worse than it is by using tag navigation and the topics will just melt into a tag swamp full of quicksand.

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